Seaford Pebbles

A piece of the beach in the NFT world!

An 8 year old and 5 year old were curious about the world of NFTs. Their clueless dad tried his best to explain it to them and then they all took a trip to the beach. The kids battled the cold winds and chose the best looking pebbles they could find. These were then pixelated and became Seaford Pebbles.

NFTs Launch:
More Details Coming Soon
August 2021

The family take a trip to the beach after a discussion about NFTs.

September 2021

Pebbles are pixelated and images created.

October 2021

Website and Discord Launched

November 2021

Planned launch date for NFTs is currently November 29th (Cyber Monday)

Other Info

Number of children involved
Number of original pebbles
Number of unique NFTs
Number of 100% unique original NFTs

Frequency Asked Questions

We’re currently looking at a launch of Cyber Monday. More updates coming soon.

1750. Many of these differ due to the background but there are also 25 Pebbles that are 100% unique originals.


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